Located in the South West of Rwanda, the Nyungwe National Park is Africa’s largest mountain forest. To the delight of nature and wildlife enthusiasts, it is home to a wide range of colourful butterfly and bird species, including the majestic Regal sunbird, the brightly feathered touraco and the stunning hornbill, and many tree dwellers including 13 different primates. Among them are the golden and vervet monkeys, the chimpanzees and species of bushbabies. Nyungwe also counts the giant forest hog, the duiker and golden cat among its residents. With such a spectacular biodiversity, this vast untouched tropical forest is certainly worth a visit!

The drive to Nyungwe National Park takes around 4 to 5 hours from Kigali. Roads are generally good, although sometimes winding, and they offer incredible vistas! If you wish to break the journey, we can also stop in Rwanda’s cultural heart to visit the King’s Palace in Nyanza.

Join us on a memorable rainforest adventure looking for chimpanzees, experiencing breathtaking canopy and forest walks, visiting nearby tea plantations and more!